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Study Plans are available for these designs - remember a study plan gives you more details and a wood materials list usually on two A1 sheets, so that you can cost out a project before ordering the full plans. When you order the full construction plans you do not need to order the study plan as well, as all the study details are on the full plans.

There are 3 designs ranging from 16' to 19'6" - each is based upon the original Highlander concept of rugged designs suitable for offshore, coastal and estuary use. Each has been built with various different rigs etc - contact us if you have any queries about modifications or alterations etc :-

Note - we have now added a 23' Highlander to the range - go to Pocket Cruisers over 20'.


Note - In the particulars for each design, the dry weight is given for guidance only and will vary depending on the grade/density of plywood and solid wood used - different thicknesses of ply are often used by builders and the dry weight figure is based on the thinnest ply specified.
Also the Guidance Use comments are given in good faith and are based on feedback from previous builders etc and based on standard weight adults - contact us if you want further clarification before ordering/building. E & OE



For each design you can order either:

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Highlander Dayboats on this Page

Highlander 16 Highlander 18 Highlander 19'6"




The 2 pictures immediately below are of an example by PJS Boats.

Highlander 16

Highlander 16

The Highlander 16' dayboat was designed for a New Zealand client who wanted a rugged camping dinghy/dayboat for use around North Island. She retains the easy riding 'U' shape of the other Highlanders forward but departs from their shape in having a sharp bow.

The interior is adaptable to suit the needs of the builder and the drawings show an optional outboard well and simple cuddy arrangement. The drawings also show 5 different sail plans including Gunter, Bermudan, Lug, Sprit and Yawl sail plans. 8 sheets of 1/4" ply are used plus 3 sheets of 3/8" for rudder, centreboard. Details are also available for strip plank construction. 

The standard construction uses stitch & tape ply but details are also available to build her using the strip plank method.

Also see our new Stornoway 14 and 16 designs (on our Dinghies page) - the 16' is similar to the Highlander 16 in design and size.

Below is an example of a strip planked Highlander 16

Below is an example with the additional plank per side of the Westray version.

 Left is a picture of the modified Highlander 16 (known as the Westray) with a yawl rig - the standard plans give the details for both the Westray hull and this rig.

 The Westray has an additional plank per side and is slightly deeper - see section below.

There are 6 different sail rigs given with the standard plans including standing lug, sprit, gunter and gaff shown here.

These rigs can also be purchased separately for use on other designs - contact SFDesign for further details.


Highlander 16 Particulars

LOA 16' 4.88m
Beam 5'11" 1.8m
Hull Mid Depth 1'10" 0.56m
Draft 7"/4' 0.18/1.22m
Sail Area (original bermudan rig) 132 sq.ft 12.28 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 350 lbs (basic) 159 sq.m

Hull Shape

Multi-chine with 3 planks per side or round bilge for strip plank
Construction Methods Stitch and tape and strip plank
Major plywood requirements for hull 8 1/2 sheets of 6mm and 3 sheets of 9mm exterior or marine plywood
Guidance Use Up to 4 adults for sailing
Drawing/Design Package 9 x A1 drawings + 11 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Strip plank moulds (separate)
Gunter main with jib
Gaff main with jib and bowsprit
Sprit main with jib
Lug main with jib
Gunter yawl with bowsprit
Double ended hull plank shapes
Westray plank shapes (4 planks per side)
Outboard well




UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STUDY PLAN £20.00/FULL PLANS £180

(Study Plan approx. 24 Euros/$27 USD; Full Plan approx. 216 Euros/$243 USD)

UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STUDY PLAN £20.00/FULL PLANS £160

(Study Plan approx. 24 Euros/$27 USD; Full Plan approx. 192 Euros/$216 USD)


UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STRIP PLAN £30         

UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STRIP PLAN £30         

(Approx. 36 Euros/$41 USD)

HIGHLANDER 18 Mark 1 & 2
Highlander 18


The Highlander 18 has been developed for the sailor or fisherman wanting a boat that he can use comfortably for estuary and coastal work. Points taken into her design are easy trailability (hence she uses salt water ballast which drains as she is taken out of the water and fills as she is launched), very easy construction using epoxy for filleting and unit ply assembly, and low cost. With unit ply construction, the ply frames and central girder are locked together with the bottom hull panel; stringers are then put on and the rest of the hull panels are put on over size and trimmed later. The drawings also show all the ply hull panel shapes and alternative details to construct the hull using stitch and epoxy method where the panels are all stitched together with the chine seams bonded with epoxy fillets. The hull is a triple chine easy riding ''U'' section shape and she can be built simply as a basic workboat, open daysailer or daysailer and beachcamper with cuddy. She is ideal for exploring estuaries and remote beaches and with her boom tent she can sleep 4/5. The standard rig is the sprit rig which has been chosen for it's ease of use for family sailing. It has no boom to hit heads and can be brailed up out of the way in seconds.

Other rigs can of course be incorporated. Draft is 10" with the centreboard up and 3'7" with it down. Details of an outboard well and full deck lockers are given. The plans also now show details of an alternative gunter rig. LOA 18', Beam 6'4", Approx. wht 600 lbs (up to 800 lbs with cuddy, decking etc), Sail Area 149 sq.ft.

Highlander 18

Above - a Highlander 18 nicely built by Mark and Phil Hampton .
A Mark 2 version of the Highlander 18 has now been drawn up and added to the plan set. The Mark 2 has an additional plank per side and a rounder bow and the construction is now pure stitch and tape over a framework of plywood fore and aft girders and ply bulkheads.

The Mark 1 shapes are still included so that you can make up your mind which version you want to construct after you receive the plans.

 Details of 2 alternative rigs are given in the standard plan set - below.

Below is an example of the Highlander 18 in 2.5mm steel by Chris Garner.


Highlander 18 Particulars

LOA 18' 5.49m
Beam 6'4" 1.93m
Hull Mid Depth 2' 4 3/4" 0.73m
Draft 10"/3'7" 0.25/1.09m
Sail Area (sprit main with jib and mizzen) 149 sq.ft 13.86 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 6-800 lbs 272-363 kg

Hull Shape

U shape with flat bottom and 4 planks per side (Mark 2)
Construction Methods Ply over frame (Mark 1) and stitch and tape (Mark 1 and 2)
Major plywood requirements for hull 22 sheets of 9m and 1 sheet of 12mm plywood
Guidance Use 4-6 adults depending on fit-out
Drawing/Design Package 11 x A1 drawings and 20 x A4.
Additions and alterations included with the plans Hull plank shapes etc for mark 1 version
Alternative gunter main yawl rig
Alternative lug yawl rig




UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STUDY PLAN £20.00/FULL PLANS £195

(Study Plan approx. 24 Euros/$27 USD; Full Plan approx. 234 Euros/$263 USD)


UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STUDY PLAN £20.00/FULL PLANS £175

(Study Plan approx. 24 Euros/$27 USD; Full Plan approx. 210 Euros/$236 USD)


 This boat is a stretched version of the Highlander 18 for a client who wanted the biggest boat that he could comfortably trail extensively behind a medium sized family saloon without a lot of effort and which could also offer enclosed accommodation. The additional couple of feet and extra beam give enough space for sitting headroom, two internal berths (with space for two more under a boom tent) and areas for cooker etc. An outboard well, water ballast and centreboard arrangement are standard. (Other keel arrangements can be offered).

 Construction is based upon a prefabricated structure consisting of pre-shaped centre girder, frames, transom, stem and bottom hull panel.

 Three pairs of chine stringers are then added followed by the ply skin. A very simple and strong construction. LOD 19'6"; Beam 7'; Draft 10"/ 4'6"; Weight approx. l000lbs. Note that since the original drawings were done, the hull panels have been computer developed and the panel shapes and details are given for alternative stitch and epoxy construction (also with a rounded bow similar to the Highlander 16).

Below is an example under construction by Ian Davison.

...and below is another example with a modified cabin arrangement.

A lug yawl rig is also given in the plans set.  

Highlander 19'6" Particulars

LOA 19'6" 5.95m
Beam 7' 2.13m
Hull Mid Depth 2' 6 1/2" 0.78m
Draft 10"/4'6" 0.25/1.37m
Sail Area 172 sq.ft 16 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 1000 lbs 454 kg

Hull Shape

U shape with flat bottom and 3 planks per side
Construction Methods Ply over frame and stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 6 sheets of 6mm, 10 sheets of 9mm and 3 sheets of 12mm plywood
Guidance Use 4-6 adults depending on fit-out
Drawing/Design Package 8 x A1 drawings + 13 x A1 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Lug yawl rig
Sharp/rounded bow
More vertical transom
......and see below


A sheet giving the details for a version of the Highlander 19 with a bulwark and longer cabin has been added to the standard plans—no additional cost.



UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STUDY PLAN £20.00/FULL PLANS £220

(Study Plan approx. 24 Euros/$27 USD; Full Plan approx. 264 Euros/$297 USD


UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STUDY PLAN £20.00/FULL PLANS £200

(Study Plan approx. 24 Euros/$27 USD; Full Plan approx. 240 Euros/$270 USD





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