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All designs are complete for amateur DIY construction (unless otherwise stated) and have details, notes and a building procedure - please note that we also run a full back-up service allowing you to contact us by phone/fax, post or e-mail with any queries you may have before, during or after construction - we also have several Construction Manuals as an aid for those unfamiliar with modern boat-building or who want to keep up with the latest techniques.

I normally have at least 5 or 6 new designs on the drawing board at any one time (see the page on our Latest Design Work & Boat Builder's Photo Gallery) - all my work is done on commission for a particular client and then put into the Design Catalogue for sale to the Boat Building enthusiast.

All designs are by Paul Fisher BSc. MRINA who formed Selway Fisher Design in 1974. His previous design experience comes from working in the design offices of McGruer & Co. and Silvers, both on the Clyde for a period of 9 years.

Selway Fisher Design now has almost 400 stock designs in it's Catalogue ranging in length from 4' to 60'. You can start to view our designs either by going to the links at the top of this page, or by using our  New Quick Design Index


STUDY PLANS & FULL CONSTRUCTION PLANS - for many of my designs you may order a Study Plan which is usually two A1 (approx. 2'x3') sheets. The first A1 sheet gives large views of the design with sections, construction notes/details, and a wood materials list and the second A1 sheet is usually the main hull construction drawing allowing the potential builder an overview of the construction - also, many study plans now come with a colour photo sheet of examples in-build and/or on the water - the Study Plan enables you to investigate the design in greater depth and to do an initial costing.

A Full Plan consists of the full detailed set of construction drawings and details necessary to construct the boat.

Please note - it is assumed that on boatbuilding projects of Dayboat size and above, the client/builder will have already purchased a Study Plan in order to assess the project - therefore a portion of the cost of the Study Plan has already been removed from the cost of the Full Plans.

The smallest boats do not have study plans - please e-mail or phone for further information for these designs.

For larger boatbuilding projects over 20' in length we are happy to send out the full plan sets without plank/frame/girder/mould shapes so that the project can be better assessed - the cost of this package is 50% of the full plan price plus postage. When the remaining 50% of the plan price is received the rest of the construction details/shapes are sent along with the Royalty/right to build the boat.

Left - an example of one of the sheets taken from the plans of our Able Suffolk Beach Punt.



All Full Construction Plans and Study Plans are now available as electronic PDF files which can be sent to you as email attachments, for you to download.

If you want to receive PDF files rather than paper hard copies then mention this in the ‘additional notes’ section of the ordering process and make sure we have your email address – or send us a separate email (to with your requirements.

Most reasonably sized towns have a Copy Shop or Print Shop with an inkjet plan printer capable of taking PDF files and printing them out onto A1 or A0 paper. You can also print the files out at A4 size and zoom into the plan files within Adobe Acrobat reader. The advantage is of course, that you do not have to wait for the post - as soon as your order payment has been made, we can email you the plan files.

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