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 After many requests for plans for model boats based on Selway Fisher designs, particularly motor and steam launches, I written this manual which starts by taking an over-view of wood model boat building. The various different methods and materials used are discussed followed by a look at the potential  problems associated with simply scaling down directly from a full-size boat.

 This is followed by five chapters giving drawings and details for the construction of model boats, some based on full-size Selway Fisher designs. Included are a series of four carpet models aimed at young children to use with their toy cars, a stitch and tape model of the Christine open canoe, a half model of the Swallow Tancook Whaler yacht and two Balsa wood models one of the Power225 motor cruiser and the other of the 4m Mini Yacht.

Below is a taste of what is included in the manual.


Sterling cost £18 + £4 p&p. (UK), £18 + £8.00 Airmail (Europe), £18 + £10 Airmail (Elsewhere), £18 + £15 Airmail (USA).



Chapter 1
Model Boatbuilding Methods using Wood
1.1            For Chined Hulls
1.1.1         Tack and Tape Construction
1.1.2         Ply or Sheet Balsa Plank on Frame
1.2            For Round Bilged Hulls                                                                                                      
1.2.1         Plank on Frame  
1.2.2         Bread and Butter                                                                                                                
1.2.3         Gummed Paper and Cold Moulded

Chapter 2
The Choice of Model & Problems of Scaling
2.1            The Different Types of Model
2.2            Volume Scaling Problems
2.3            Displacement Volume
2.4            Checking a Model for Weight Problems

Chapter 3
Typical Tools & Materials
3.1            For Chined Hulls
3.1.1         Tack & Tape
3.1.2         Ply or Sheet Balsa on Frame
3.2            For Round Bilged Hulls
3.2.1         Plank on Frame
3.2.2         Bread and Butter
3.2.3         Gummed Paper and Cold Moulded

Chapter 4
Children’s Carpet Models
4.1           General                                                                                                                                                 
4.2            The Tug
4.3            The Coastal Cargo Vessel
4.4            The Ro-Ro Car Ferry
4.5            Ro-Ro Ferry Ramps
4.6            Old Tramp Steamer
4.6.1         Marking Out the Hull
4.6.2         Cutting Out the Hull Shape and Superstructure
4.6.3         Finishing the Models
4.7           The Carpet Model Drawings


Chapter 5
A Half Model—The Swallow Yacht
5.1            General
5.2            The lines Plan and How it is Used in Half Model Making
5.3            Making the Model
5.4            The Half Model Drawings
5.5            Wood Materials for the Swallow Half Model
5.6            Other Methods of Half Model Making

Chapter 6
A Tack and Tape Model—The Christine Open Canoe
6.1            General
6.2            Materials Required
6.3            First Steps
6.4            Fitting Out the Canoe
6.5            The Tack and Tape Model Drawings

Chapter 7
A Balsa Wood Sheet Over Frame Model—The Power 225
7.1            General
7.2            Marking and Cutting Out the Components of the Hull
7.3            Assembling the Framework
7.4            Planking and Finishing the Hull
7.5            The Cabin and Superstructure
7.6            Fitting the Mechanics and Radio Control
7.7            Wood materials for the Power 225
7.8            The Power 225 Model Drawings
7.9            Performance and Future Development

Chapter 8
A Balsa Wood Sailing Yacht—The 4m Mini Yacht
8.1            General
8.2            Marking and Cutting Out the Components of the Hull
8.3            Assembling the Framework
8.4            Planking and Finishing the Hull
8.5            The Deck, Cabin and Cockpit
8.6            The Keel, Ballast Bulb and Rudder
8.7            The Mast and Spars
8.8            The Sails and Rigging
8.9            Fitting the Radio Control and Adjusting the Sail Controls
8.10          Wood Materials for the 4m Mini Yacht
8.11          The 4m Mini Yacht Drawings
8.11         Performance and Future Development


ISBN : 978-1-898909-20-0

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The manual may be purchased as a printed book or it may be sent to your email address in PDF format.

PRINTED MANUAL The cost of the printed manual is £18 - postage and packing will be added (UK - £5; Europe - £8; USA - £16; Elswhere - £12)


PDF MANUAL The cost of the PDF manual is £15.