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Early Designs
Proposal Drawings




I often get asked "Do you have any drawings of 'such and such' a type of boat - even a sketch will do". What I often have is a Proposal Drawing for a design not taken to a full set of drawings.

A Proposal Drawing is usually the first plan drawn up for a potential client based on the client's list of requirements and on this page you will find a selection of these drawings done over the past 30 years or so. They represent design work which, for all sorts of reasons, went no further than the proposal stage. But they can often be a good start for someone thinking of building a certain type and size of boat and who cannot find a set of plans for what they want.

The Proposal Drawings are mostly A1 in size (594mmx 841mm (23.39" x 33.11")). 

If you wish to purchase a Proposal Drawing you can do so either in printed format or as a pdf files (which will be emailed to you. For printed drawings postage will be added (2 UK; 5 Europe and 6 US/Elsewhere).

It you want the drawings sent as pdf files there is a part of the secure ordering system which allows you to let us know - make sure we have your email address.

If you are thinking of a possible new design, these drawings can be purchased for a nominal amount and may help in coalescing your thoughts on your future project - click on the links above or below to go to the Proposal Drawings put up onto the pages so far.  More will be added in time.


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