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 One of my greatest pleasures is to paint 'plein-air', which is basically painting outdoors  whilst viewing the subject you are painting (as opposed to painting outdoors from a photograph!).

 Painting this way can worry artists who do not like the feeling that passers-by might stop and pass comment on their work. I have had this with comments like "Interesting!!" or "Hmm, keep trying!"

 But I love the freedom plein-air gives me, of being close to the real subject I am painting under natural light and with all the sounds and smells that go with the subject and not working from a photograph remotely. I also love the feedback and comments I get from the passing public and the fact that I can talk to them about everything I am having to consider in my artwork - shadows, light, perspective etc.


 You only need basic light-weight equipment to paint plein-air. I have two basic sets of equipment - left, a small A5 Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, pencil (propelling), permanent ink pen (for pen and wash), small watercolour set and palette (Winsor & Newton) with a couple of brushes, child's water container and a small storage container to hold water, all contained in a small picnic cool bag. I keep this in the boot of the car so that I have some equipment with me for impromptu art sessions away from home.
 Right - An A4 Moleskine or Hahnemuhle sketchbook, Cloverleaf palette, W&N roll bag with a selection of brushes, pens and pencils, a small lantern type water container and water in a drinking bottle all transported in an artist's rucksack and chair. Also essential is a sun hat and Chloe our lovely Westie.
At the lock at Bradford on Avon At the Barge pub on the K&A canal
At Biddeford At Steeple Ashton
At the Pottery, Lacock At the Chamberlain's House, Lacock
At Harwich - a Lookout Tower At Coverack, Cornwall
On the Broads - the Swan Inn, Horning At Ranworth Staithe, Norfolk Broads
At Porthdinllaen Beach, Wales At the Trussocks - the Sir Water Scott on Loch Katrine