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 Over the last 7 or 8 years I have created a number of YouTube videos mainly for the benefit of the Lacock Art Group when I as their Chairman and also for a couple of the art groups that I have taught. Some are based on specific lessons that I gave and others are of general interest or 'How To' videos.

 You can see them all on the Paul Fisher Art YouTube Channel (do follow me so that you get information on my latest uploaded videos.

 Below is a list with links.

General How to (Instructional) Videos


1. Stretching Watercolour Paper (quickly)

2. Using the Water Spray Technique 1

3. Using the Water Spray Method to Paint a Cow 1 4. Using the Water Spray Method to Paint a Cow 2

5. Loosen up Your Painting with Bob's Blobs

6. Painting Colourful Flamingos
7. Painting Doorways with the Pen & Wash Technique 8. Painting Buildings Using the Pen & Wash Technique
9. Atmospheric Watercolour Painting with a Limited Palette 10. Painting Shoes Using the Pen & Wash Technique
11. Bob's Blobs 2 - another look at how to free up your watercolour painting 12. Painting a Puppy in Watercolour
13. Painting without Drawing and a Sunset - 1 14. Painting without Drawing and a Sunset - 2
15. Painting without Drawing and a Sunset - 3 16. Painting without Drawing and a Sunset - 4
Sketchbook Run-Throughs  
1b. Desperate Doorways

Painting & Sketching Videos  
1c. Painting an Owlpen Manor Cottage in Pen & Wash 2c. Painting a Snowy Vignette in Watercolour
3c. Painting a Derelict Window in Watercolour 4c. Painting Flushing Cove in Watercolour
5c. Painting Derek the Donkey 6c. A Loch Lomond Scene in Watercolour
7c. Painting Deer in the Forest in Watercolour 8c. Frinton on Sea Shelter & Clock
9c. Bamburgh Castle Using Watercolours 10c. A Line & Wash Garden Shed
11c. Painting the Pantheon at Stourhead in Watercolour 12c. Painting Whitby Harbour in Watercolour
13c. Painting a Golden Lake in Watercolour 14c. A Misty Lakeland Scene in Watercolour
15c. Painting Two Boobys in Watercolour 16c. Cabin in the Snow in Watercolour