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(last up dated 30/10/17)

You may find some of these links useful - if you have any suggestions for further links or if you find a particular link does not work, send us an e-mail.

Home Boatbuilders of Selway Fisher Designs Oliver Shaw's page about our 17' Rufus motor boat Wilfried Stuckmann's 20' Open Freight Canoe John Blair's Seafox single kayak Paul Hadley's page about the building of a Lynx 14 S.S. Isabella - Frank Meijers' 18'9" Indian Runner Neil Warren's Thames 12 rowing skiff which he is using for a sponsored trip along the K&A Canal to raise funds for the Great Ormond St. Hospital. Detailed construction and use of Bob Day's 12' Esk Kayak Colin Calder's Waterman 16 The building of a clinker 12'6" Northumbrian Coble Ken Lewis building his Lynx 16 Blog by Ian Ruston describing the building of his Lynx 14 "Deux Chevaux" - plenty of good photos plus some of her in the water. Blog by Yves Nerisson detailing the construction of his 12'6" Northumbrian Coble Tideway 14 building progress by D.H. Amundson A Prospector 17 by Simon Muller A 20' Rufus motor launch by Richard Hulbert Ben Russell's Highlander 11 Peter Putman's 12'6" Northumbrian Coble Martin Lunghi's 15' Northumbrian Coble

There are several other sites around - if you produce your own web page based upon an SFDesign, let us know and we will link to it.

Boating Magazines, Books etc Watercraft Magazine - UK Classic Boat Magazine - UK Wooden Boat Magazine - US Mainly US Magazine with some good articles. An on-line sea kayaking handbook full of resources
Boat Builders & Suppliers Farrow and Chambers - high quality construction in Strip Cedar - these guys are the experts and have built our Beaumaris and Marlow designs.. Chippendale Craft Ltd - UK (produce kits to some of our designs) Lakeland Wooden Boats - UK (build our Suffolk Beach Punt) 18'6" Silent Explorer strip electric canoe Jordan Boats offering plank kits for SFDesigns including the Northumbrian Cobles. Kits in the USA for some of our canoes and dinghies. Plank kits for SFDesigns in Australia CNC panel/plank cutting in the USA Renovations and new builds - see our 12' Northumbrian Coble in clinker ply. For canoe sailing rigs etc and some nice sailing canoes Peter van Helden will build your launch for you to a superb standard - see an example of his work - our Indian Runner design on the Steam Launches up to 20' page. Overwater Boats offer boat repair, storage and boatbuilding courses in Cumbria UK - they have run courses using the Selway Fisher Prospector canoe but will do the same with other designs. Specialize in building small wood boats plus restorations, spars and boat fittings - they will quote to whatever stage of construction you wish. Burnett Boats make a nice version of the Hazelnut open canoe which they call the Coniston 15.
Materials & Suppliers Robbins Timber - UK supply marine ply, epoxies and marine fastenings WEST epoxies Classic Marine - UK Classic bronze/brass boat fittings RWO - UK largely low cost fittings System Three Resins at good prices from the USA. One of many sailmakers who have made sails for SFDesigns. An excellent canoeing resource - a museum and store in Stuttgart, Germ
www.plywood-4u A good reource for plywood and info on plywood in the US. Suppliers of Cedar strip and WEST System products.
Training Courses The Boat Building Academy - UK. Classic boat Building School in Holland Canoe building courses based on the Fisher Prospector and other courses including Coracle building, paddle making and sea kayak building. Other services include canoe, kayak and small boat building, repair and refurbishment.
Steam & Electric Boating & Supplies Steam Boat Assoc. of Great Britain - very useful source of further links North American Steam Boat Assoc. - USA  another USA Steam Boat site and another USA Steam Boat site HRM supplies of steam plant and fittings UK's Electric Boating Assoc. - good source for names and addresses of suppliers International Steamboat Society - excellent source for steamboat enthusiasts
Boat Shows/Boating Sites etc The Home Built Boat Rally site - great people, great fun, great meets - well worth joining for those in the UK interested in small home built boats and using them A forum for all home boat builders Heron Dinghy Assoc. for our S&T version Australian Wooden Boat Assoc. - excellent site for all wooden boat enthusiasts Wooden Boat Traders Assoc. - UK Dinghy Cruising Assoc. - UK A site dedicated to the boats & techniques used in traditional salmon fishing in UK waters. A non-profit, information site which exists to encourage the building of electrically-powered boats. A useful Directory (USA)

A Group/Forum on the web for those building and using boats designed by Selway Fisher (or those thinking of doing so) - questions on materials, sourcing, techniques and boat types are posted up - below, a 16' LOD Islay Skiff built by Rob Johnsey :-
Islay 16' Skiff