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Last updated 04/03/18


New Design added 03/01/17 to the Motor Cruisers over 30' page.
New Design added 03/03/17 to the Classic Motor Cruiser page.
New Photos added 19/06/17 to the Rowing Skiff, Dinghy, Pocket Cruiser, Steam Launch, Canoe and Motor Cruiser sections.
New Design added 24/06/17 to the Canoe page.
New Design added 19/07/17 to the Canoe page.
New Design added 21/10/17 to the Motor Cruisers up to 16'  page
New Design added 21/07/17 to the Motor Cruisers 21' to 30' page
New Design added 18/11/17 to Dinghies (Small Sharpies & Dories page)
New Design added 06/12/17 to Dinghies (Rowing Skiffs page)
New Design added 01/01/18 to the Canoe page (Motor Canoes)
New Design added 06/01/18 to the Dory, Skiff section of the Dinghy page.
New Design added 31/01/18 to the Highlanders up to 13' section of the Dinghy page.
New Design added 04/03/18 to the Dinghies up to 10' section of the Dinghies page.


For convenience in searching through our design catalogue each design is listed under it's type - clicking on the picture of a particular boat type (above or below) will take you to a page listing each design of that type with along with a picture of each boat - click on the picture and you will be taken directly to the page describing that design - use you back button to return.


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