Larger Plywood Craft


Clinker Plywood Manual
Larger Plywood Craft
Fit-Out for Yachts and Launches
Sails for the Home Boat Builder
Stitch & Tape Boat Construction
Strip Plank Boat Construction
Plywood Canoe Construction
Model Boat Building in Wood
A Slight Mist on the Horizon
Desperate Doorways
Shameless Shoes



Chapter 1
1.1    Traditional Frameworks for Ply Over Frame Construction
1.2    Modern Frameworks for Ply Over Frame Construction
1.3    Epoxy Fillets vs Wood Filleting for Joining Plywood Components
1.4    Notes on Using Epoxies for Bonding Wood Components
1.5    The Choice of Design

  Chapter 2
The Work Area
2.1    General Comments
2.2    The Size of the Workshop
2.3    The Tools You Will Need
2.4    Basic Marking Out

  Chapter 3
Common Wood Joints
3.1    Solid Wood Joints for Frame Construction
3.1.1   Typical Joints for Solid Wood
3.1.2   The Scarf Join
3.1.3    Solid Wood Joints for Chines
3.2    Epoxy Joints for Frame Construction
3.2.1   Replacing Wood Fillets with Epoxy
3.2.2.    Replacing Wood with Epoxy Joints between the Plywood Frames/Bulkheads
and Hull Skin
3.2.3  Epoxy Joints for Chine Seams  The Simple Epoxy/Glass Chine Join  The Combi Epoxy/Wood Chine Join  The Edge Girder Chine Method

  Chapter 4
4.1  Solid Wood for Frameworks
4.2  Plywood for Frameworks
4.2.1  Can I use cheaper exterior plywood for the frames and bulkheads?
4.2.2.  If I sheath the boat can I use exterior plywood for the hull planks/panels?
4.3  Glues & Adhesives
4.4  Fastenings
4.4.1  Screws
4.4.2  Gripfast Nails
4.4.3  Other Marine Fastenings


 Chapter 5
Setting Up the Framework

  Chapter 6
The Planking Process
6.1  Preparing the Framework for Planking
6.2  Planking the Hull (General Notes)
6.2.1  Multi-layered Plywood Planking
6.2.2  Joining Plywood Plank Lengths  Butt Joins  Scarf Joins
6.2.3  Planking for Stitch and Tape Hulls
6.2.4  For Plywood Plank over Frame Hulls
6.3  Finishing a Plywood Hull
6.3.1  Painting Only
6.3.2  Sheathing
6.4  Clinker or Lapstrake Planking

  Chapter 7
The Hull Exterior
7.1  Fitting Gunwales, Rubbers etc
7.2  Skeg, Deadwood and Wood Keels
7.2.1  Fitting Skegs/Deadwood
7.2.2  The Outer Stem
7.2.3  Bilge Runners
7.3  Marking the Water Line
7.4  Turning the Hull Over

  Chapter 8
Deck Superstructure
8.1  Decking
8.1.1  The Deck Structure
8.1.2  The Cockpit
8.1.3  The Deck  Sheathed Deck Covering  Teak Deck Covering
8.2  Coachhouses, Cabin Tops and Superstructures
8.3  Companion Hatches and Typical Deck Joinery

  Chapter 9
Painting & Finishing



ISBN : 978-1-898909-14-9

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