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Chapter 1
Sail Theory

Chapter 2
Main Rig Types
2.1  General
2.2  Deciding on a Particular Rig
2.3  Examples of the Most Popular Rigs
2.3.1  Bermudan Rig
2.3.2  Gaff Sloop Rig
2.3.3  Gaff Cutter Rig
2.3.4  Gunter Rig
2.3.5  Lug Rigs  Standing Lug  Balanced Lug  Dipping Lug
2.3.6  Sprit Rig
2.3.7  Cat Rig
2.3.8  Leg of Mutton Rig
2.3.9  Chinese Junk Rig

Chapter 3
Sail Balance and How to Design for It
3.1  What is Sail Balance?
3.2  The Centre of Effort
3.2.1  The Centre of Effort of a Triangular Sail Shape
3.2.2  The Centre of Effort of a Four Sided Sail Shape
3.2.3  The Centre of Effort of a Mainsail with Pronounced Roach
3.2.4  Finding the Overall Centre of Effort of the Sail Plan
3.3  Finding the Centre of Lateral Resistance
3.4  The Balance of a Sail Boat

Chapter 4
What You Will Need to Make Your Own Sails

Chapter 5
Sail Cloth
5.1  General
5.2  Estimating Quantities and Obtaining Cloth
5.3  Sail Cloth Weights
5.4  Stretch Allowances

Chapter 6
6.1  Machining
6.2  Hand Sewing
6.3  Methods of Stitching for Hand Sewing
6.3.1  Flat Seaming
6.3.2  Sticking Stitch
6.3.3  Running Stitch
6.3.4  Round Seaming

Chapter 7
Sail Seams
7.1  General
7.2  Real Seams
7.3  Broad Seams
7.4  False Seams
7.5  Tabling Seams

Chapter 8
Patches and Sail Fittings
8.1  Patches
8.2  Batten Pockets
8.3  Leech Lines
8.4  Headboards
8.5  Eyes & Slides—the Use of Webbing  

Chapter 9
Finishing the Sail
9.1  Roping
9.2  Eyelets
9.3  Luff Wires
9.4  Cringles

Chapter 10
10.1  The Bermudan Mainsail
10.1.1  General Notes
10.1.2  Sail Shape
10.1.3  Making the Sail
10.2  Four Sided Sails including the Gunter
10.2.1  General Notes
10.2.2  Making the Sail

Chapter 11
Headsails (Foresails)
11.1  General
11.2  Making the Sail

Chapter 12
Junk Sails
12.1  General
12.2  Sail Shape
12.3  Battens
12.4  The Alternative Construction Method

Chapter 13
Re-Cutting  Existing Sails (Altering Sails)
13.1  General
13.2  Decreasing the Size of a Bermudan Mainsail
13.3  Increasing the Size of a Bermudan Mainsail
13.4  Decreasing the Size of a Four Sided Sail
13.5  Increasing the Size of a Four Sided Sail
13.6  Decreasing the Size of a Headsail
13.7   Increasing the Size of a Headsail

Chapter 14
Positioning Deck Gear & Fault Finding
14.1  General
14.2  Positioning Jib Fairleads
14.2.1  How the Designer May Position the Foresail Sheet Fairleads
14.2.2  Correcting Badly Placed Foresail Fairleads
14.3  Fault Finding

Chapter 15
Purchasing New Sails (Including a List of UK Sail Makers)

Chapter 16
Sail Making Suppliers & Glossary of Terms
16.1  Sail Making Supplies
16.2  Sail Making Glossary

ISBN : 978-1-898909-16-3

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