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The Internal Structure of a Modern Strip Planked Hull

  Chapter 1
General Discussion About Strip Planking
1.1  General
1.2  Problems Associated with Strip Planking
1.3  What Hull Shapes can be Used?
1.4  Possible Changes to the Hull design

  Chapter 2
The Building Jig
2.1  General
2.2  The Building Jig
2.3  The Strong Back
2.4  The Moulds
2.5  Mould Spacing
2.6  Setting Up the Moulds

  Chapter 3
Internal Hull Structure
3.1  General
3.2  Internal Stem/Stern Post
3.3  Transom
3.4  Hog (Internal Keel)
3.5  Floors & Frames

  Chapter 4
Materials for Strip Planking
4.1  The Planking
4.1.1  Square Edged
4.1.2  Cove/Convex (Bead and Cove)
4.1.3  Tongue and Groove (Speed Strip/Fast Strip)
4.2  The Species of Wood Used
4.3  Glues
4.4  Fastenings
4.5  Sheathing
4.6  Materials Quantities
4.6.1  Planking (incl. glue)
4.6.2  Glass Sheathing

Chapter 5
The Planking Process
5.1  Preparing the Jig
5.2  The Lay of the Planking (also refer to Chapter 1)
5.3  Joining the Plank Lengths
5.4  Planking

  Chapter 6
Finishing the Hull
6.1  Cleaning Up the Hull
6.2  Glass Sheathing the Hull
6.3  Veneering the Hull
6.4  The Interior of the Hull
6.5  Internal Structure

  Chapter 7
The Hull Exterior
7.1  Fitting Gunwales, Rubbers etc
7.2  Skeg, Deadwood and Wood Keels
7.2.1  Fitting Skegs/Deadwood
7.3  The Outer Stem
7.4  Bilge Runners

  Chapter 8
Deck Superstructure
8.1  Decking
8.1.1  The Deck Structure
8.1.2  The Cockpit
8.1.3  The Deck  Sheathed Deck Covering  Teak Deck Covering
8.2  Coachhouses, Cabin Tops and Superstructures

  Chapter 9
The Care & Repair of Strip Planked Hulls

ISBN : 978-1-898909-18-7

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