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last updated 31/08/15
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(Selway Fisher Designs in the above picture - going from the top left corner in a clockwise direction - are the 24' Strip Planked Beaumaris Trailer Sailer, 25'6" Snow Bunting Steam Launch, 10'6" Northumbrian Coble, Ailsa 22 Trailer Sailer, JC10 (Trainer for the IC10), 24' Power 3 Motor Boat, Petite Brise 12' 4" Swampscott Dinghy - to the right of that is the 15' Lillie Canoe Yawl and in the centre is the 15'8" Fisher Prospector canoe).


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Welcome to the Selway Fisher Web Site which includes our extensive range of stock boat designs, catalogues and manuals. For those who ask us for different sail plans, keel arrangements, methods of construction etc., we are constantly adding alterations to our design packages  - so when going through the web site, if you cannot see quite what you want, someone may have already asked for it and it may  exist as an alteration.

What is on this site? - this is quite a large site with details of all 350 or so of our designs plus descriptions of our design catalogues and construction manuals.
You will see at the top of this page - links to the various different pages describing the designs etc. A brief description of the design packages & services can be found below along with ordering information plus a list of site updates.
Please read the ordering information carefully as there are now several ways in which you can place an order.

The Design Packages - all designs are complete for amateur DIY construction (unless otherwise stated) and have details, notes and a building procedure - please note that we also run a full back-up service allowing you to contact us by phone/fax, post or e-mail with any queries you may have before, during or after construction - we also have several Construction Manuals as an aid for those unfamiliar with modern boat-building or who want to keep up with the latest techniques.

We normally have at least 5 or 6 new designs on the drawing board at any one time (see the page on our Latest Design Work & Boat Builder's Photo Gallery) - all our work is done on commission for a particular client and then put into the Design Catalogue for sale to the Boat Building enthusiast.

All designs are by Paul Fisher BSc. MRINA who formed Selway Fisher Design in 1974. His previous design experience comes from working in the design offices of McGruer & Co. and Silvers, both on the Clyde for a period of 9 years.

Selway Fisher Design now has over 350 stock designs in it's Catalogue ranging in length from 4' to 60'. You can start to view our designs either by going to the links at the top of this page, or by using our  New Quick Design Index

Study Plans & Full Plans - for many of our designs you may order a Study Plan which is usually two A1 (approx. 2'x3') sheets. The first A1 sheet gives large views of the design with sections, construction notes/details, and a wood materials list and the second A1 sheet is usually the main hull construction drawing allowing the potential builder an overview of the construction - also, many study plans now come with a colour photo sheet of examples in-build and/or on the water - the Study Plan enables you to investigate the design in greater depth and to do an initial costing.

A Full Plan consists of the full detailed set of construction drawings and details necessary to construct the boat.

Please note - it is assumed that on boatbuilding projects of Dayboat size and above, the client/builder will have already purchased a Study Plan in order to assess the project - therefore a portion of the cost of the Study Plan has already been removed from the cost of the Full Plans.

The smallest boats do not have study plans - please e-mail or phone for further information for these designs.

For larger boatbuilding projects over 20' in length we are happy to send out the full plan sets without plank/frame/girder/mould shapes so that the project can be better assessed - the cost of this package is 50% of the full plan price plus postage. When the remaining 50% of the plan price is received the rest of the construction details/shapes are sent along with the Royalty/right to build the boat.

Left - an example of one of the sheets taken from the plans of our Able Suffolk Beach Punt.


Boat Building Methods

The 4 main construction techniques used for our designs are:-

  • Stitch & Tape plywood using computer generated hull panel shapes.

  • Ply on frame (or combined with stitch & tape).

  • Cedar Strip Plank using computer generated and faired mould shapes.

  • Clinker Ply.

There are some designs on our site built in steel, aluminium or single skin/foam sandwich grp - most of these are conversions from wood construction. I can do this for many of our designs - contact us for details. These materials are also briefly discussed on the Boat Building Methods Page.

For a discussion on the various different boatbuilding materials and methods available to the home boat builder go to our page -   Boat Building Methods  which has links to 4 pages describing and illustrating the 4 methods of wooden boat construction listed above.

Using our YachtCAD system, we can change from one construction method to another in a design and we can often  offer details for clinker ply construction for any of our designs too.

Ordering Plans, Manuals & Catalogues - there are several ways in which you can place an order with us - these are separated into 2 mains methods :-

  •  Directly with your credit/debit card whilst you are on-line - we have added an Ordering Cart system which allows you to add the plans etc you wish to order to the Cart before going to the secure area to place your order. You will find a "Buy Plan Now" button under the description of each item.
    Please Note - for the moment, the On-Line Ordering Cart does not add the cost of Postage (Shipping) to your order - however postage & packing charges will be added - for a note of these P&P charges please see below in the Paypal section. All card transactions are in Sterling.

  • By Post, Fax, E-mail or Phone - for those who do not wish to order on-line, we have retained our Order Form - go to our Post/Fax Order Form page (see also the Navigation bar at the top of this page for a link) and you will find an order form which you can print out, fill-in and send by post or fax with either your credit/debit card details or cheque/postal order.

  • Note that there are 2 "Buy Plan Now" buttons for each set of plans - one for UK/EU customers which includes VAT and one for USA/Elsewhere customers which excludes VAT. Catalogues and Manuals do not incur VAT for UK/EU customers and these items therefore only have one "Buy Now Button".

  • Please note that all credit/debit card transactions have to be done in Pounds Sterling - the US Dollar prices given in the price lists are estimated at an exchange rate of 1.6 USD = 1 Sterling and therefore our US clients may find the amount charged on their card statements will vary (up or down) from the US price given, if the exchange rate at the time is different - however, do remember that we are more than happy to accept payment by personal US Dollar cheque at the US Dollar price given in the price lists if you would prefer to order by Post - go to the  Post/Fax Order Form  page.

  • Please note - it is assumed that on boatbuilding projects of Dayboat size and above, the client/builder will have already purchased a Study Plan in order to assess the project - therefore a portion of the cost of the Study Plan has already been removed from the cost of the Full Plans.

  • Plans Returns Policy - we do not offer returns or refunds on plan sales.

  • Note - all plans sent out are freshly printed.

Paying with PayPal
PayPal is an increasingly popular way to pay for purchases on-line. For those who want to pay using their PayPal account, Selway Fisher Design now has it's own PayPal account which you can pay into.
Unfortunately, due to the complexities of setting up an efficient system of paying for postage and packing with PayPal which does not over-charge the customer for multiple purchases, we have not been able to use PayPal's simple buy-now set-up.
This means that to use your PayPal account you simply need to transfer the total amount of your order including Postage & Packing into our PayPal account using the PayPal transfer system on your account.
To pay using your PayPal account :-
  • Calculate the total amount of your order including P&P (see the Postage table below) - or contact us (either ring +44 1225 705074 (International), 01225 705074 (UK) or e-mail us at ) when we can confirm the total cost for you.
  • Go to your PayPal account and transfer the amount to our Paypal account at
  • E-mail us at telling us that you have made the transfer and giving us the order details (what you wish to order) plus the address to send the order to.

Postage Rates

Item UK Airmail Europe Airmail US/Elsewhere
Study Plans 2.00 4.00 5.00
Full Plans Canoes 2.00 4.00 5.00
Full Plans Others 3.00 5.00 9.00
Manuals 3.50 6.00 8.00
Catalogue/CD's Go to SFDesign Catalogues & Manuals.
DVD's 3.00 4.00 5.00

List of Latest Site Updates


Where too next? - simply go to the  Navigation Bar at  the top of this page  and click on the links to the various different design pages - or go to our new Quick Design Index page.

User Group/Forum for Selway Fisher Builders & Sailors
We now have a User Group/Forum on the web for those who are building and using Selway Fisher boats - it has only just started (24/09/01) but has become a forum for those with questions, comments, photos etc., etc concerning all aspects of our design work. Photographs of SFD boats under construction are posted up and builders from all over the world are able to share questions/problems and get quick feed-back both from ourselves and each other.
The User Group/Forum is at - when you link to it press the "Join" link if you want to join.

NEW User Group/Forum for Selway Fisher Canoe Builders & Users
This is a new Group started 04/09/06 for those building our canoe designs - this will be a group/forum to exchange ideas on construction and to share photos of the canoes you are building and the treks that you have undertaken with them.
The Canoe User Group/Forum is at  - when you link to it, press the "Join" link if you want to join.


News/Latest from Selway Fisher Design
I thought that this section would be helpful to keep regular visitors to our site up todate with what we are doing - for the latest design work to be added to our design range please see the List of Latest Site Updates (above) and the New Designs page- and do keep an eye on the Photo Gallery for photos of some of our designs recently built by clients from all over the world.
NEW   Note - trying to keep information up to date and accurate is time consuming  and so I have cut this section out of the homepage and instead, Selway Fisher will shortly have it's own Facebook page which will have news of the latest magazine articles, blogs, photos, videos etc for you to see. I'II announce the Facepage as soon as it is available - so keep an eye out for it.

Selway Fisher Design Model Boats - this main Selway Fisher site is for those wanting to build full-size craft but, for those who are interested in building model boats based on full-size Selway Fisher designs, there is a new site dedicated to the model boat enthusiast. The web address is and there is also a link at the top of this page which will take you to a page describing the new model boat site.

and finally.............

Paul Fisher BSc. MRINA - the Designer

After a youth messing around in all sorts of boats on the Thames, I gained my degree - a BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding from Newcastle University in 1974 and shortly after l became an Associate Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

Straight after University l worked in the design office of McGruer & Co. Scotland for 4 years - famous for high performance racing /cruising yachts beautifully crafted in wood (cold moulded as well as conventional clinker and carvel). We were also involved in major yacht refitting and repair and the fit-out of GRP commercial craft - this under James and George McGruer on the Gareloch (north of the Clyde). l then became Technical Manager at D.M. Russell Marine - formerly Jas. A. Silvers yard just up the road at Rosneath, for 5 years - famous for their motor yachts - this period found me sailing/cruising in all sorts of craft around the coast of the UK and regular racing in everything from Dragons to the IOR fleet on the Clyde.

So, after a degree and 9 years apprenticeship plus much personal research exploring the uses of epoxies in modern wood boat construction l went out on my own as a designer and l now have a catalogue of over 350 designs most of which are commissions for individual clients.

Note - for more information on Selway Fisher Design go to the new page - A History of SFDesign

Enjoy the site! - Paul Fisher BSc. MRINA


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